Sunday, 3 December 2017

              Welcome to Week 9 

10 days of Year 4 left! Let's make them the best ten days of the year!

Congratulations to all the Year 4 children who contributed art works , played in a musical item, or were in the dance performance at Friday's highly successful Creative Arts morning. What a wonderful, positive morning at OLOR showcasing our talented students. 

A few reminders:
Homework speeches - "Who Inspires Me?" are due this week. We will endeavour  to hear all the children's speeches this week. Thank you for your hard work on this final speaking and listening task for the year. We have loved witnessing the development of the children's confidence and skills. 

David's Place- Thank you for the great support that the Year 4 families have given to David's Place so far. The collections of tin hams and tin fruit will continue until Friday 8th December. 

Swimming Carnival 2018 Notes- Thanks to everyone who has returned the permission note. Mrs Harvey has a lot to organise for the swimming carinival before Friday, 2nd February (week one) We can help her in this task by having  all these notes returned this week.

Library- All library books and Readers Circle books MUST be returned this week. Thank you for your support with this request. 

What's On This Week:

Year 4 will listen to the Year 5 leader speeches and participate in the voting for Year 6 2018 student captains. 

Year 4 Reconciliation

Sport and Health

Dates for your diary-

Saturday, 9th December: Christmas at the Shrine

Friday, 15th December:
Awards assembly 9:30-11:00
End of Year Mass 12:30-1:15
Farewell Year 6 1:30-1:55
Last Day of the School Year

School Returns- Years 1-6 Tuesday , 30th January
Swimming Carnival- Friday 2nd February,2018 

Have a good week,

The Year 4 Team