Sunday, 5 November 2017

Welcome to Week 5 Term 4

Welcome to Week 5
Science Design and Make Task
On Monday this week the Year 4 students will be completing a Design and Make task as part of our Science unit ‘Material World and Built Environments.’

In order to complete this task we have asked the students to supply some recycled and environmentally friendly materials from home. Hopefully the children have these supplies ready to bring along to school.

4G Bike Safety - from Mrs Prince
In week 5 and 6 4G will be completing a brochure on bike safety rules, appropriate/safe cycling clothing and cycling paths in the local area.
It would be wonderful if the children can bring to school pictures from magazines, leaflets or the internet to illustrate their writing.

Ideas for pictures might include :

⏺ A person wearing a helmet.
⏺ A bike bell.
⏺ Bright clothing.
⏺ Closed in shoes, trainers.
⏺ Reflectors and lights.
⏺ people cycling in single file.
⏺ Maps of the local cycling paths.

What's On This Week?
4G library
Year 4 Science Design and Make task



Uniform shop - 8:30- 1:30pm


4B and 4W library


Parish Mass - Year 4
Band demonstration 

Dates for your diary:

* Friday 1st December- OLOR Creative Arts Open Day (see newsletter for details)

*Friday 15th December - End of Year Mass - 9:15am and last day of term. 

Have a great week,
George, Kylie, Angela & Donna