Sunday, 27 August 2017

Week 7

Book Week Parade:
Thank you to everyone for getting into the spirit and dressing up for Book Week.  We have included some photos on the photo page of this blog. Thanks to Mrs Walter for organising a fun week. Any books that are on back order from the Book Fair will arrive in the next few weeks  and sent directly to the children. Thank you for your support.

Part B of the RLA has now been completed for Year 4. The creative day was very fun and productive. The children expressed themselves and the message of God's love, forgiveness and Reconciliation in original, thoughtful and innovative ways. We have also included some photos of the children hard at work. 

Fathers Day:
Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st August is the Fathers Day stall at OLOR. All gifts are $4

Friday 1st September Fathers Day breakfast starting at 8am, followed by a liturgy in the hall. Children are encouraged to wear a sport jersey over their uniform to raise awareness of the organ and tissue donation, through DONATE LIFE

What's on...

4G library


Fathers Day Stall
Year 4 Sport

4W and 4G library
Fathers Day Stall (lunchtime only)

Fathers Day breakfast and liturgy  (Dads, Pops, Grandads, Godfathers very welcome)
Jersey Day - to be worn OVER the uniform

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers , Grandfathers and Godfathers for Sunday...we hope you are very spoilt !

Donna, Angela, Kylie and George