Sunday, 30 July 2017

Welcome to Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to Week 3

What a wonderful day Year 4 had at the Blue Mountains last Thursday. The children were extremely  well behaved and the teachers were very proud of them. No doubt they were very tired when they got home. We hope they have shared some stories with you about the day as well as interesting things that they learnt from the National Park guides. We will be following up on the excursion this week in class and the children will be required to create a project on the information they learnt on the day.

Religious Literacy Assessment
During the next few weeks all Year 4 students will be involved in the Religious Literacy Assessment task (RLA). This requires the children to create a creative project based on either the parable of The Prodigal Son or the story of Zaccheaus the Tax Collector. The project will be done at school, however some children may need to bring in items from home to use on their task. The children will bring home a list next week of the items they may need.

Towards the end of the term the students will also do an online assessment to assess their religious knowledge. We are working with the children to help prepare them for this assessment task. On Thursday this week they will do a practise test to ensure that their usernames and passwords are working accurately. 


Monday: 4G library borrowing


Wednesday:  Sport & Soccer Gala Day

Thursday: 4B and 4W Library borrowing


Have a wonderful week

Donna, Kylie, George and Angela