Monday, 12 June 2017

Welcome to Week 8 Term 2

Greetings! We hope the Long Weekend was restful and relaxing for all our Year 4 students and families.

Parent Teacher interviews

Just a reminder that Parent Teacher Interviews are being held towards the end of this term. If you would like to see your child's teacher remember to book a time. The booking details were emailed to parents last Friday.

A request from Mrs Prince for students in 4B 

In Health and bike safety 4B are currently completing a research project on cycling paths in the local area. 
It would be useful if they could bring in some research materials to assist them.  
Maybe a map of the local paths, photos of the cycling paths or information about them.  

Some info can be found on 'tracks and trails - the Hills'. 

They will be completing this task on Wednesday 14th June.

Also in Week 10- Wednesday 28 th June 4B will be completing their practical session on bike safety. This is the day the children who have indicated they are able to bring their bike/ helmet to school need to do so. Any questions please contact Mrs Prince. 
(Please note 4G & 4W will be completing the Bike safety rotation in Term 3 or 4)
Happy & safe cycling 🚲 
 Mrs Prince. 

Family Presentations / Speeches

The Year 4 children should be continuing to work on preparing for their oral presentation / speech on their family. The children are expected to present these during Weeks 9 & 10 of this term. Please ask your child to speak to their teacher if they require any assistance with their presentation. We will be sending home a marking criteria guide during this week.

What's on this Week

Monday : Public Holiday

Wednesday: Year 4 sport

Thursday : Parish mass
                   Library - 4B & 4W

NB - 4G Library time -  TBA

Enjoy a wonderful week with your family.

Angela, Kylie, George & Donna