Sunday, 14 May 2017

Welcome to Week 4 Term 2

We hope all our lovely Year 4 Mum's had a great Mother's Day.....we hope your children spoilt you all!!!

 Student Feedback at OLOR
Here at OLOR, we believe that meaningful feedback can greatly enhance learning and improve student achievement. Successful feedback for students allows them to identify their strengths along with areas for development and then plan, with their teacher, the next step in their learning.
An example of a feedback process used at OLOR is from John Hattie, a renowned researcher in education:
The above process creates a positive impact on student learning, because guidance is constantly provided during learning tasks.  Feedback needs to be specific to both acknowledge a child’s effort and/or improvement and give direction for their future endeavours.
Here at OLOR, we use the following feedback techniques:
  • Verbal feedback
  • Peer assessment where students receive positive or helpful advice from their peers
  • Self assessment where teachers guide students to analyse their work to help develop their skills
  • Data walls in the classroom to track student’s growth
  • 1:1 conferencing
  • Written feedback (marking books)
  • Electronic feedback
  • Small group feedback
As you can see written or electronic annotations, while important, are only one aspect of our feedback process.  Therefore, not every piece of written or online work will have teacher comments provided.
There is little evidence to suggest that extensive written comments, often in different coloured pens, have a big impact on pupil progress. In fact, over-marking can take the responsibility away from students, reduce their motivation and make them less resilient. By Ryan Wilson

Better educational outcomes are achieved through varied feedback processes.
What's on this Week
4G Library

 Year 4 Sport

Parish Mass
4B & 4G library

Mother's Day celebrations at OLOR
Morning Tea 9.00-9.30am
Open Classrooms from 9.30-10.30am
Mums and caregivers are then invited to spend recess with the children until 11.00am.
Have a great week.
George, Angela, Kylie & Donna